The San Diego Hispanic Market

The culture of San Diego is wonderfully diverse. Within its 4,200 square miles, San Diego County holds 18 incorporated cities. From the seaside to the desert, and from the valleys to the mountains, San Diego County offers a varied landscape and climate, as well as regions with distinct local flavors and personalities.

Today, San Diego is as dynamic as ever, with its multicultural, growing population of over 3.1 million, countywide.

This section, presented by the Hispanic San Diego Ad Club marketing committee, offers a glimpse at this thriving, dynamic Hispanic metropolis. San Diego Hispanics have vibrant lifestyles and a healthy buying power. The San Diego market is vital to your Hispanic media buy, as a way to reach an affluent Latino market.

Population Comparison

2012 United Sates California San Diego
Population 313,095,504 37,718,293 3,131,923
Hispanic Population 53,183,325 14,524,969 1,030,874
% Hispanic Population 17.0% 38.5% 32.9%


Population 325,256,834 39,018,295 3,234,588
Hispanic Population 60,901,826 15,981064 1,142,588
% Hispanic Population 18.7% 41.0% 35.3%
Expected Hispanic Growth +15% +10% +11%

Source: 2012 Nielsen Company