About Energy Communications

As the representative for Televisa in California, Energy Communications sells advertising time on Televisa's stations. While some blocks of time occasionally become open (30 minutes on a Sunday morning, for example), most of the sales are for commercials of varying lengths, the most common being 30-seconds.

If an individual in the U.S. wishes to advertise on a Televisa station, he or she would contact Energy Communications. The team at Energy would provide avails, negotiate rates, receive your order and traffic instructions, confirm receipt, and would make sure everything was implemented with the appropriate station's for broadcast. Once the schedule has aired, Energy then verifies the station's logs and issues notarized detailed invoices that reflect advertiser's instructions by providing specifically when their commercials aired.

Because XEWT-TV 12 is a local station with so much production, Energy is also able to coordinate with clients the use of XEWT's state of the art studios to produce programming, or to create tasteful integration of a client's product into one of the local programs. Additionally, interviews can be recorded in-studio, or in San Diego on-site.

To find out how we can best tailor a program for your needs, please call us. We are happy to help you.